Why choose Carolina Coops?

Why buy Carolina Coops?

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  This is what sets us apart from the others!
* We still believe in 1 on 1 customer service and working with our customers to get them exactly what they want.
* We listen to our customers.
* We offer FREE local site visits and are available to visit via SKYPE for our customers not so local. 
* FREE Custom Coop quotes/proposals.
* We are always available via phone or Email... no automation... only real people to talk to!
* We offer "Shop Visits" to come see our product and how we operate.
* All of our past customers are more than happy to allow "Coop Visits" by appointment.  This is to go see a particular coop we may not have at the shop to see or just to see on in operation!
** We accept all forms of payment as well as have "Payment Plan" options!**

COOP SECURITY:  We strive to keep your flock as safe as possible!
* 19 gauge Black PVC coated 1 inch hex (chicken wire) or .5 by .5 inch Black PVC Coated welded wire (hardware cloth)-  We use these Black PVC Coated products exclusively because of the durability and added protection it provides to the galvanized product it covers.  Over time, exposed galvanized product will rust and deteriorate.  The PVC coating on our product will protect the actual metal making it last longer!  This product IS more expensive but will save you time and money in the long run, not having to replace your run every few years, and it looks GREAT!

* 1.25 inch Stainless Steel Staples-  These staples are pneumatically (air powered staple gun) shot to fasten our coated wire to you coop.  These extra long, exterior grade staples are far more more superior to a smaller and just galvanized product.  Ensuring safety for your flock from terrorizing predators.

* Zinc Coated Lockable Gate Latches secure all of the doors on the coop.  This allows passive security with a lockable option.  If you don't need or want to lock down your coop like Fort Bragg, these latches will just simply keep your doors securely closed.  If you have  curious children, nosy neighbors or menacing racoons, these locks accommodate a pad lock, combination lock or simply a carabiner clip or cotter pin to keep the "unwanted" out!  (We do install a "release cable" with the lock on the run to ensure YOU don't get locked in!)

* Lockable Chicken Door(s) are available on all of our coops to help security measures when your flock is in for the night.  Most common on our coops without runs, these doors can be closed and locked at night after your flock has gone into roost, then re-opened in the morning to roam.

* No open voids or points of entry where animals can get in or out. 

* Security from burrowing animals- We offer what is called an "Apron".  What we do is take a 24inch wide piece of 2inch X 4inch hardware cloth or welded wire and pneumatically attach it with our 1.25inch stainless steel staples to the base of the coop all the way around the perimeter of the coop.  If a burrowing creature wants to get in, they will start digging at the base of the coop.  They will not back up 2 feet and start digging again.  Thus preventing any "diggers" from getting in.

Construction of our coops: We are custom fine wood workers, all of the time, we go a bit over the top! 

* All of our coops are "stick framed" just like a house.
* All of our joints are pocket screwed and glued, NOT just shot in with nails.
* We reinforce all of our corners to ensure strength, stability and security
* All of the hardware we use is either zinc coated or stainless steel to last in any outdoor environment
* We use all premium building materials, no cheap short cuts here!  We ARE building to last!
* All of our lumber is hand picked by us.  We don't buy in bulk, we don't allow anyone else to choose our lumber for us, we actually look at ever single piece of lumber to ensure quality in each and every piece.

* Trim Work- We use all hand selected solid wood for the trim and windows. 

* USDA, FDA and NSF food safe approved HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE for the entire deep litter system. 

* Cabot Deck Stain- We use this high quality deck stain instead of paint on our hen house for durability.  When wood is stained, is able to breath, expand and contract, as wood will do with the changes in weather.  A stain actually soaks into the wood rather than coating it. 

* 15 year EXTREME WEATHER Paint- We use this durable paint on the run and trim to ensure exterior durability and easy touch up!

OPTIONS... OPTIONS... OPTIONS!!!!!  We are a CUSTOM Wood Shop, your coop can be as elaborate or as simple as you want or need!  We offer options to save money as well as options to make your coop as cool and
high-tech as you want!

* Size- We offer any size hen house and run areas according to your need.  Need to keep your flock in a run at all times?  Do you like to let them free range a bit after work and on the weekend when you're home?  Or do you need a large hen house for your flock that free ranges most of the time and just need a small run for when you occasionally leave for the day?  We offer it all, big and small.

* Paint/Stain Color or theme- We can leave it unpainted so you can save some cash, go with one of our standard colors or CUSTOMIZE IT and match it to your house or other outbuildings or even go flashy or whimsical!

* Roofing Color and Material- We use a standard "galvalume" (coated silver colored metal) on our coops to protect from scorching sun, feed ruining and mud producing rain.  The metal roofing we use is offered in a multitude of colors and is manufactured locally.  You can also choose from asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, cedar shake shingles or  a colored metal, including painted copper!!

* Wire/Hardware Cloth or welded wire- We use a Black PVC coated "chicken wire" on all of our coops, standard.  We do also offer .5 inch by .5 inch black PVC coated hardware cloth aka welded wire as an option.  The only time we strongly suggest the welded wire is if you have a high pressure of snakes in your area.  Otherwise the black PVC coated chicken wire is very strong and dependable.  We use 1.25 inch stainless steel staples to fasten all of our wire! 

* Poly carbonate Window inserts- For harsher climates or the occasional cold snap, we offer poly carbonate window inserts to cover our handmade, screened free flow windows.  Very easy and fast to open and close!

* USDA, FDA and NFS food safe High Density Polyethylene - We use high density polyethalene to make cleaning our coops extremely easy! The entire floor and deep litter is made out of solid HDPE along with the side walls of the deep litter system.  If need be the entire deep litter floor and walls can be removed easily with removing the stainless steel screws.  Along with the hen house floor our egg hutches also come with HDPE for the floor and nest boxes.

* Deep Litter Beds-  All of our coops now come standard with the deep litter system in the hen house.  The entire deep litter system is made with food safe USDA, FDA and NFS approved HIgh Density Polyethylene.  The deep litter system allows you to only have to clean out your hen house just once a year.  

* Electric- We offer electric installed on any of our coops.  A light in the hen house to increase egg production during the shorter days in the winter or decorative lighting to accent your coop in your garden area!  These can also be run on a timer switch or solar panels so you don't have to worry about turning on and off the lights! 

* Coop-scaping- This is more of a local service, though I'm sure any "landscaper" in your area can help!  We offer this service for 2 reasons.  1st, to make your coop location clear and or level for your coop to set and 2nd, to literally landscape around your coop!  Garden beds, flower boxes, mulch, stone, pavers... whatever your chicken lovin' heart yearns for!

That's why... Carolina Coops!


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