Our Story

Carolina Coops began as an idea of how nice it would be to have fresh eggs available every day, while living within city limits. Inspired by a love for animals, a talent for woodworking, and a unique business opportunity, the combination became a dream come true.

Carolina Coops, a division of DuBoise Enterprises INC. is a family owned and operated business located in Creedmoor, North Carolina and Clifton Springs, NY. Matt & Gnon are looking forward to helping you decide which chicken coop is just right for you!

At Carolina Coops we offer only the highest quality chicken coops. Since our chicken coops are all custom built, Carolina Coops are designed to compliment your backyard surroundings and they’re built to last. We can create coops that blend in naturally with the surroundings, or make them fun and fanciful. It’s all up to you!

Quality construction, expert craftsmanship, and superior customer service is our focus and our goal. We strive for happy owners and of course, happy hens!

Functional Family Farming at its best!!

Wow wow wow! Where do I start? From first contacting Carolina Coops about 18 months ago to today when our wonderful coop arrived we have been nothing but impressed. Impressed with the service, professionalism, attention to detail, quality of product and pride that is taken by all involved. The decision to invest in a Carolina Coop wasn’t difficult when we could so clearly see the craftsmanship and care taken in the planning, building and presentation of the coops. Yes, there was a delay in us receiving our coop today but good things come to those who wait, life happens and there are bigger things to stress about. We are thrilled with our coop and our decision to use Carolina Coops and are glad to be supporting a small business that truly cares about their end product and customer satisfaction. Keep doing what you’re doing so well!
Drs. Jenni & Jim Tudini — Buffalo, NY
I have high expectations. Matt and Carolina Coops exceeded them. He is a gentleman who makes a hell of a Coop. I would buy another Coop from him in a heartbeat!!!! Keep up the good work.
Ben Lockshin — Washington, DC
I have to say the build was very easy. Thanks to your engineering and QC. I am very happy with the ease of construction and the fact that I did not have to design the build!
Frank & Terri — Richmond, TX
When we were looking for a chicken coop, Carolina Coop is the only place that had exactly what we wanted. We were looking for a run where you could comfortably stand up in and have the whole chicken coop look nice since it would be in plain view on the side of our house. We were just blown away by how amazing our custom-made chicken coop is! It is crafted with so much thought for chicken owners. Not only is it made with such quality and craftsmanship, but every detail reveals great thought and design. Every part of our chicken coop is made from the most high-quality materials too. I can’t say enough about how impressed we are with our American Coop. Kristen, Matt, and Sean were so nice to work with, they answered all our questions and made all the custom modifications we requested. Everyone who sees this coop stops to say how amazing it looks.
Ingrid — Raleigh, NC
Outstanding! Quality craftsmanship, stellar design, and great responsive team. I love my Carolina Coop. Best ever!
Jackie — Damascus, MD
"Cadillac of Chicken Coops" If you are looking for a well designed and thought-out coop, then look no further. The level of craftsmanship in the materials all the way to the completeness of the instruction manual are beyond compare. I myself am a general contractor/remodeler and am thoroughly impressed with the level of thought that was put into the preparedness of the penthouse coop kit. Every part was meticulously machined and labeled. The structure when completed, was unbelievably strong and sturdy!! In addition to this, the customer service was outstanding. Very helpful with the willingness to genuinely be of service....a rare thing these days. If you choose to go with a different chicken coop company of any design... you "will" be disappointed. It's worth every cent!
Jon — Maddison, WI
Your service was top notch. We were amazed at the packing job of the kit itself, it could not have been better. From there we encountered very few questions, but when we did we made the call we got immediate (and absolutely correct) answers- no 'on hold time' which was really appreciated. We got our very first egg ever two weeks ago and I love being a Mother Clucker! The coop makes it so easy.
Gerri & Mike — Pennsylvania
It’s no surprise that you and Matt have launched such a successful business given your creativity and wonderful customer service. Best wishes for continued good fortune.
Cherrie — Durham, NC
I can not recommend Matt and his crew at Carolina Coops highly enough!!! They were very easy to communicate with and so knowledgeable and fun to work with! They truly love what they do and provide very high quality coops for a great price! There really is no other place out there that can provide such high quality work for a great price! I’m so so so grateful to Carolina Coops for making my chickens so happy and for making it so much easier for me to keep my girls happy and healthy!!!! Y’all are the absolute best!!!!
Becca — Greensboro, NC
I had the pleasure of picking up my American Coop from the shop. Entire team was friendly and responsive to my questions. Any assembly issues were quickly responded to - it made the experience such a positive one! Great company and great customer support!
George — Harrington Park, NJ

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