Buying a chicken coop: the process

Buying Our Chicken Coops: The Process

How do I order a chicken coop?

How do I order a custom coop or custom options not shown on the website?

If I fill out the form am I obligated to buy a coop?

If you fill out the form there is no obligation to buy. We know some people want to add up a possible purchase and then just find out about shipping, or more options. When you fill out the form it goes to our sales team. They contact you at whatever method you indicated on the form and answer all your questions.

I filled out the form and am ready to buy, now what happens?

Do I have to pay for my coop all at once?

No, you can, but you don’t have to. We require 50% down payment to secure the build and schedule your chicken coop. The balance is due just prior to shipping.

How long will it take to get my coop?

What if I place an order and I want to add or change something?

We try to get a complete order at the time of the deposit to ensure there are no hiccups during the build process. We can make some adjustments or add items on your order, however, it will affect build time, shipping time, and costs. In the end, though, our goal is to make you happy with your coop!

What do I need to do to prepare for my chicken coop?

The most important preparation for your new chicken coop is making sure the ground is level where you plan to place it. If it isn’t level, the doors won’t close properly and you can run into problems with assembly.

It’s not necessary to build a base for your coop as the bottom lumber is pressure treated. However, it’s not a bad idea to do so, especially if you need to make the ground area level to build a base.

You also need to ensure there is proper drainage and the chicken coop won’t be placed in a low lying area. You don’t want to have a flooding issue with your chicken coop.

Also, check for tree clearance and any other objects that may be in the way of where you are placing your coop. This is especially true for turn-key or roll off delivery services.

Another thing to consider when you are figuring out where to place your chicken coop is to take into account the egg hutch when measuring, which makes the overall width 16.5 inches wider*. (*for a coop with a single egg hutch, egg hutches on both sides it will be 33 inches wider)

Lastly, please check on any town, city, or county ordinances where you live when it comes to your new chicken coop. Some places have restrictions on how many chickens you can have (which may play into which coop you get or need), some have set back requirements from either the house, the street, or both, and some places require permits for chicken coops.

Can I put together the chicken coop myself?

Our chicken coops are shipped out in panels and everything is labeled. You are given all the screws and hardware you will need to assemble it. The pocket screw holes will already be there on the walls.
The instructions will be emailed to you in a downloadable PDF. You will need two people when placing the walls. The time it will take depends on your skills. For most DIYers it takes a weekend to build and a weekend to paint.

Even though you are anxious to assemble your coop, we recommend painting or staining it first, because it will be much easier than after it’s assembled.

What if I run into a problem or have questions assembling my coop?

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