You want in on the chicken game? Carolina Coops is where you start.

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You want to get in on the chicken game? There’s a lot to learn, BUT having said that, the best thing you could do for yourself and your chickens is start with the right coop. Without question, Carolina Coops has that part covered.

We had a coop before we got this one in Dec ’18 and that other coop nearly cost us the joy of having chickens. It was wrong by design, hard to use, and frankly not safe for the birds. By contrast, Carolina Coops will guide you towards the right coop, one that is safe for the birds, built in a way to last for years to come, and can be as feature rich as you want.

For instance, we just added the rain barrel system to make watering a no brainer. And we are not done enhancing it; the coop literally becomes a hobby unto itself. Matt and his team will guide you, answer all your questions, and still be there post the sale to continue to educate you, guide you, and answer your questions. If they don’t know the answer, because really they’re there to help you get the infrastructure part right, they’ll connect you to someone in their vast network that could answer your other questions around health, etc.

Again, you want in on the chicken game? Carolina Coops is where you start.


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