Custom Chicken Coops

Contact us today to order your custom chicken coop!

Chicken coops any way you want!

Large chicken coop run with custom dutch style door.

Custom chicken coop with 200-year-old reclaimed barnwood board and batten siding.

Our fan favorite custom chicken coop with a split roof line, dutch door, and board and batten siding.

40-foot long custom chicken coop with extended cupola, reclaimed board and batten siding.

Old school french style with reclaimed shutters and handmade functioning cupola.

Big and beautiful with hand sawn clapboard siding.

Custom wrap around deck coop.

Large custom coop built with 4×4 construction (mortise and tenon joinery).

200-year-old reclaimed barnwood flooring made into board and batten siding.

Reclaimed antique heart pine custom chicken coop at Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC.

Custom chicken coop that’s 4 feet wide for even the tightest spaces.

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