Freight to Residence with Curbside Service

“Freight to Residence” is a shipping option for a 3rd party freight carrier to transport your palletized coop to your delivery address and off loading your pallet, “curbside”.
This service is not available to all residential addresses. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that a potential 53ft freight truck can deliver to your address.  You can do so by calling your local zoning or highway department to verify.

Things to consider: Is your address deliverable?

1- Things to consider are truck accessibility, street parking, high traffic, narrow roads, dead ends, gravel roads, low power lines, lack of a shoulder or curb, construction or other residential restrictions like HOA. Call your local zoning or highway department to verify accessibility.

2-This is CURBSIDE SERVICE ONLY. The driver is not required to, paid to or liable to back into your driveway or deliver your pallet any further than CURBSIDE without obstructing the public  roadway.

3- Any “Carry In” or additional service requested by the customer and granted by the driver will be billed to you by Carolina Coops post delivery and due upon receipt. The rate for this is determined on what is requested by the customer at the time of delivery by the driver. The rate has been recorded to be up to and can exceed $500.

4-The customer is responsible for moving the pallet from “curbside” in a reasonable amount of time. Each city/town tolerance is different.

5- Assistance may be requested by  the driver to safely & efficiently offload your pallet. Use your discretion. Carolina Coops™ is NOT responsible and we do not condone offload assistance. Any charges, damage or injury is the responsibility of the customer.

6- Missing your scheduled appointment- the driver will not wait for you and there will be a rescheduling fee!  This will be billed by Carolina Coops and due upon receipt


*Examples of signs in a truck restricted area *

**Example of a truck for residential FREIGHT delivery with a lift-gate for curbside service**


If your pallet is NOT neat looking like these, wrapped in black shrink wrap, please document the damage on the delivery receipt in front of the driver BEFORE SIGNING. You must take pictures and send them to Carolina Coops within 24hrs so that we may file an insurance claim on your behalf and get you replacement parts as soon as possible. This is VERY time sensitive!


  • Carolina Coops will contact you to let you know that your coop is complete in the build and packing process and is ready to ship. At this time, we will send a final invoice with final shipping costs according to the final weight and dimensions of your exact pallet to be shipped.
  • Once the final invoice is paid in full, Carolina Coops will schedule the pick up of your pallet for transit. Depending on the day and time of final payment, sometimes we can schedule same day pick up, most are scheduled for the next business day.
  • Carolina Coops will forward carrier and tracking information on your paid invoice.
  • Carolina Coops will send photos of your pallet along with any other supporting information needed for the receipt of your new Carolina Coop!
  • Once the pallet has reached the destination terminal, dispatch will contact you to schedule home delivery.
  • Upon delivery, an adult must be available and prepared to inspect and sign for the freight.
  • Inspect the pallet thoroughly, referencing the photos that were sent to you. If anything looks out of place, note it on the receipt before singing and take pictures if needed for an insurance claim. All pallets are fully insured for the full invoiced price.
  • IF there is damage- Take photos of said damage and make notes on the delivery receipt PRIOR to Signing. Call Carolina Coops immediately and forward all photos and details so that we may file a claim within the allotted time frame of 24hrs ONLY.


Carolina Coops™ is not liable for any additional charges, handling, storage or other  fees after the pallet has left our location. Carolina Coops™ is not liable for any damages to the pallet or personal property during transit, pick up or unloading process. It is the customers responsibility to confirm the delivery address on the invoice, prior to shipping.

Pallets/coop should be removed from curbside immediately and protected from weather.

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