It is a very interactive show. We have guests occasionally, but our goal is to involve YOU, our fans, followers, and people who love chickens.

We answer questions about all things chickens keeping and coop building.

VCL has segments on current chicken and coop trends, chicken keeping, YouTube Chicken Police, Chickens in the News, and more!

Come join us for this fun and informative show and pick the brain of the guy who is the best coop builder out there!

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Video Chicken Live! The Chicks are Hatching — May 28, 2021

Coming to you live from Creedmoor, NC is Video Chicken Live where we discuss and answer your questions about everything chickens coops.
This week the chicks in the incubator are hatching! There are 3 incubators and all have some chicks hatching and since many were bantam eggs, they hatched earlier than 21 days.
Kristen talks about if it’s necessary to help the chicks along in the hatching process, and how long they should be in the incubator and then transitioned to a brooder.
Matt and Kristen answer all your questions live, and also the top 3 questions with Kenzie.

Video Chicken Live! Tom Carter from CoopWorx — May 21, 2021

Coming to you live from Creedmoor, NC with today’s guest Tom Carter, inventor and owner of CoopWorx, feed silo: A new breed of feeder designed from scratch! Inspired by the iconic silo, this game-changing, large capacity feeder features eight feeding ports, a lockable hinged lid and elevated design to prevent scratch-out, making CoopWorx the perfect addition for to any backyard or barnyard.
The CoopWorx compact design surprisingly holds 80 lbs. of your favorite feed, eliminating the need to store half empty bags every time you refill. A smaller version that holds 40 lbs will be released in July 2021 available for preorders here.
We unbox a feeder on the show and discuss all that went in to the thoughtful design of the feeder silo.
For more info and how to order please click here
Enter promo code: CarolinaCoops for $10 discount, plus free shipping for a limited time (while they are still taking orders)

Video Chicken Live! Candling Eggs — May 14, 2021

Coming to you live from Creedmoor, NC is Video Chicken Live where we discuss and answer your questions about everything chickens and coops. Today we check on the eggs in the incubator, it’s week two and Kristen candles the eggs to see which ones are fertile. She explains what to look for to tell if they are fertile. Kristen is using the Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator with 360 degree view.

Plus, Questions with Kenzie and Matt and Kristen answer all your questions live on the show.

Video Chicken Live! Setting Eggs in an Incubator — May 7, 2021

Live from our new studio in Creedmoor, NC, Matt and Kristen bring you Video Chicken. In this episode, Kristen shows how she sets eggs in an incubator. This incubator turns the eggs (as a mother hen would do) and has temperature and humidity controls. In three weeks, we hope the chicks will hatch during the show.

Also, Matt and Kristen answer viewer questions on chicken keeping and coop building.

Video Chicken Live! New Building Product from Acre — April 2, 2021

This show featured Chandler from Modern Mill to discuss their Acre(TM) product. Matt is trying to source new materials as HDPE is running out and lumber prices have skyrocketed.
The Acre product would be use to build the henhouse and in place of the HDPE lining, as the Acre product is 100% tree-free, free of phenol, formaldehyde and adhesives. Resists water, weather, pests, and fire. Looks like real wood, indistinguishable from the real thing. Leave unfinished, choose a factory finish, or apply oil, stain, lacquer or paint. It’s also ZERO WASTE, 100% RECYCLABLE
Made from upcycled rice hulls, a natural wonder of waterproof strength and durability in a zero-waste manufacturing environment.
The applications are endless and Chandler was full of great info. Also Matt and Kristen take your questions.

Video Chicken Live! Building Your Own Chicken Coop — March 26, 2021

Video Chicken Live discusses everything chicken and chicken coops from Carolina Coops.
Today’s guest is Emilie, who built her own Carolina Coops inspired coop during the pandemic in 2020. She found all the features from various coops and she and her family built a chicken and duck coop with a henhouse/shed storage area, large run and attached duck house.
Emilie shares her experiences with sourcing resources, accidents, and all she learned building a big beautiful safe and functional coop.
Plus Kenzie gives us the top 3 customer questions. Matt and Kristen answer viewer questions and the YouTube Chicken Police.

Video Chicken Live! Baby Chicks and Answers to Your Questions — March 19, 2021

Video Chicken Live discusses everything chicken and chicken coops from Carolina Coops.
Today Matt and Kristen discuss getting baby chicks in the mail, their experiences and what are some great places to get baby chicks.
Plus top customer questions with Makenzie, YouTube Chicken Police, and more answers to your burning questions.

Video Chicken Live: Matt’s H.S. Science Teacher Talks Rain Water Collection — March 12, 2021

Video Chicken Live discusses everything chicken and chicken coops from Carolina Coops.
Our Special Guest is Arthur Choffin, Matt’s high school science teacher. Mr. Choffin talks about if the rain water you collect is safe for your chickens to drink. They also touch on PVC, plastics, brass, and stainless steel in relationship to chickens and toxics.
Plus, Top 3 Customer Questions with Makenzie, YouTube Chicken Police, and matt and Kristen answer to your questions live.

Video Chicken Live: Chick Season — March 5, 2021

Video Chicken Live discusses everything chicken and chicken coops from Carolina Coops.
The topic was chick season.
Matt and Kristen discuss different chick topics such as, How many chickens should you get? What kind of chickens should you get? Should you get your chicks from a hatchery, agri-supply store, or local breeder?
Plus, Top 3 Customer Questions with Makenzie, YouTube Chicken Police, and answers to your questions live.

Video Chicken Live: Keeping Geese as Guardians for Your Chickens — Feb. 26, 2021

We speak with our very special guest Kirsten Lie-Nielsen of Hostile Valley Farm. She is the author of two books on homesteading and speaks with Matt about using geese to guard your chickens. Kirsten explains the best geese to use and why. Matt and the listeners ask various questions on the benefits of adding geese to your flock to help guard against predators. Please check out the website and follow her on Instagram to find out more about Kirsten’s online classes on homesteading.

Also our YouTube Chicken Police segment addresses the good, the bad, and the ugly of the comments on our channel.

Video Chicken Live: Premiere — Feb. 12, 2021

The premiere episode of Video Chicken Live, which streams on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Matt and Kristen take questions from our fans. Topics included best chickens for cold climates, how much hemp to use for the deep litter, what is best to put in the chicken run area, plus more.

Also our YouTube Chicken Police segment addresses the good, the bad, and the ugly of the comments on our channel.

Radio Chicken: Episode 3 — Companion Planting for Chicken Foraging

Special Guest: Bethany Latham from Environmental Harmony

The third episode of Radio Chicken focuses on gardens and your chickens. Matt and chickenista Kristen speak with special guest Bethany Latham from Environmental Harmony.

Bethany talks about companion planting for chicken foraging, which involves planting different crops in proximity for your chickens. She talks about which plants are good for planting near your chicken coop and are most beneficial for your flock.

Check out some blogs Bethany wrote about chickens and gardening:
Companion Planting for Chickens
Chickens, A Permaculture Approach

Radio Chicken: Episode 2— Industrial Hemp & the Deep Litter Method

Special Guest: Brian Mogli

This week Matt and Kristen are talking about industrial hemp and the deep litter method. The deep litter method allows people to go a year or more between cleaning out their coop, a dreaded chore among chicken people.

The guest is Brian Mogli who specializes in industrial hemp and he talks about how they developed hemp that is most beneficial for keeping chickens. Plus he explains the difference between hemp and pot and dispels common misconceptions about industrial hemp.

Radio Chicken: Episode 1

Special Guest: Nicole Gennatta

Backyard poultry health guide diagnosis treatmentNicole Gennetta’s book mentioned on our first Podcast:
Buy it here: Backyard Poultry Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment

Please visit her website: Heritage Acres Market, LLC


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