LIVE PODCAST will include guests who are knowledgeable about all the chicken things: retailers, chicken breeders, ducks, raising meat birds, egg/chicken recipes, plus much more!
Also, tips and tricks for building a coop, chickens in the news, chicken fun facts, and weekly giveaways.
Now is the time to pick the brain of the guy who is the best coop builder out there!


We are going to be taking a break. After we evaluated our first three episodes we realized some things were working really well and some things, not so much. That’s the bad news. The good news is we are working ridiculously hard to solve those issues and get back to the podcast as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is we want this show to be the best it can possibly be and become a valuable resource for you, the chicken community.

We hope you understand our absence on Radio Chicken for a while. Matt is going to try to more Instagram Live shows where he can take questions from you in the meantime, we hope you follow along.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement of our podcast so far.

If you love what you hear, please leave us a review here so other people can find us too! We appreciate it, thank you.

Radio Chicken: Episode 3 — Companion Planting for Chicken Foraging

Special Guest: Bethany Latham from Environmental Harmony

The third episode of Radio Chicken focuses on gardens and your chickens. Matt and chickenista Kristen speak with special guest Bethany Latham from Environmental Harmony.

Bethany talks about companion planting for chicken foraging, which involves planting different crops in proximity for your chickens. She talks about which plants are good for planting near your chicken coop and are most beneficial for your flock.

Check out some blogs Bethany wrote about chickens and gardening:
Companion Planting for Chickens
Chickens, A Permaculture Approach

Radio Chicken: Episode 2— Industrial Hemp & the Deep Litter Method

Special Guest: Brian Mogli

This week Matt and Kristen are talking about industrial hemp and the deep litter method. The deep litter method allows people to go a year or more between cleaning out their coop, a dreaded chore among chicken people.

The guest is Brian Mogli who specializes in industrial hemp and he talks about how they developed hemp that is most beneficial for keeping chickens. Plus he explains the difference between hemp and pot and dispels common misconceptions about industrial hemp.

Radio Chicken: Episode 1

Special Guest: Nicole Gennatta

Backyard poultry health guide diagnosis treatmentNicole Gennetta’s book mentioned on our first Podcast:
Buy it here: Backyard Poultry Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment

Please visit her website: Heritage Acres Market, LLC


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