First and foremost, we pride ourselves on good old customer service. You can’t do anything well without putting your whole heart and soul into it, this we know for sure. This is what sets us apart from the others!

  • We still believe in one-on-one customer service and working with our customers to get them exactly what they want.
  • We listen to our customers. Read our testimonials.
  • We are ALWAYS here to help. There is no paid call center so you don’t have to go through a frustrating automated system to speak to a human. Just call us! We will answer or call you right back. Always!
  • We offer FREE local site visits and are available to visit via SKYPE, Facetime, or Duo for our customers that are not so local.
  • FREE custom coop quotes/proposals.
  • We are always available via phone, text or email, there’s no automation, only real Carolina Coops employees to talk to.
  • We offer virtual “Shop Visits” to see our product and how we operate, or to check in on your project!
  • We stand behind each and every coop we build.
  • Email anytime at
  • Call or text anytime 919-794-3989
We have designed and created a very secure, aesthetically pleasing, high-functioning chicken coop. It requires little to no maintenance, is weather proof, self-contained, and is easy to access. Functional farming at its best!
  • We LOVE animals! They are part of our family in every aspect of life. We also LOVE building! Bringing the two together has made this a dream job for us at Carolina Coops.
  • We have been consistently designing and building custom coops for more than 7 years. Each year, we are building more coops, designing more elaborate coops, and growing our shop and employee base.
  • Our coops are proudly manufactured in the USA. We believe in employing local families and supporting domestic manufacturing of all of the materials we use.
  • Our signature deep litter bed in the henhouse excuses you from cleaning your henhouse except for one time per year, if that.
  • Our runs are completely covered, keeping your hens dry and happy and significantly cutting down on food waste.
  • Ventilation – We offer tons of ventilation in our coops. This is crucial to the health of your chickens.
  • We use only premium quality commercial and residential grade materials.
  • We have created a very secure, aesthetically pleasing, high-functioning, weather proof, self sufficient, easy to access chicken coop that is built to last and is will provide great pleasure in raising your backyard flock for many years.
  • Our coops come unassembled and are great if you’re handy and have the common tools, but don’t have the time or advanced tools to take on a project like this from scratch. We have taken out all of the guess work, design, and large tool work out of building your coop for you. All you need is a few common hand tools and some elbow grease.
  • Carolina Coops suggest having as much space as possible for your flock, although you can keep a very happy flock in a small space easily, if you are set up properly. We are always here to help you get set up for a successful flock. From resources, livestock, the coop, accessories, yard surveys, to gardening with your chickens – in person, or via Facetime, Duo, or Skype – we can help!
  • Most of our clients are new to chicken keeping, so we enjoy getting folks started on the right path to raising chickens easily, successfully, and enjoyably.
  • We accept many forms of payment and offer payment plans.

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