Penthouse Coop

Penthouse coop max chickensOur Penthouse Coops are just like the Carolina or American chicken coop without the run. It’s perfect for people who already have a designated area for their chickens, but just need a quality chicken coop. This chicken coop comes with all the standard features of the Carolina Coop or American Coop henhouse.

Carolina Penthouse Coop comes with board & batten style siding. Both styles come with black hardware and latches and your choice of black painted roofing or Galvalume (silver) roofing.

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Starting at $3,390

American Coop Penthouse 4'x6' - front
American Coop Penthouse 4'x6' - front
American Coop Penthouse 4'x6' back
American Coop Penthouse 4'x6' - back
6X8 American Coop Penthouse -front
American Coop Penthouse 6'X8' - front
6X8 American Coop Penthouse -back
6'X8' American Coop Penthouse -back
Penthouse Coop
Penthouse Size & Style

Coop Options & Add-Ons

Additional Egg Hutch
Additional Egg Hutch
Additional Egg Hutch
Additional Egg Hutch
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Penthouse Coop

Standard features include:

  • Pressure treated 6×6 inch legs
  • Black hardware cloth wire (on henhouse windows) and henhouse screen doors
  • HDPE deep litter bed, 12″ deep to accommodate enough dry material for successful deep litter practices
  • Deep litter door with hidden latches that flips down for easy clean out
  • 1-2 egg hutch(es) with 3 nests each, HDPE lined
  • Black or Galvalume (Silver) metal roofing
  • Black exterior hardware (latches, hinges)
  • Polycarbonate window inserts
  • Cantilevered (tilt up) henhouse doors
  • 2-3 roost bars, equal to the width of your coop (i.e. 4×6 henhouse has two 6′ roost bars, suitable for at least 12 hens)
  • Unpainted

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