Carolina Coop

Our most popular chicken coop!  We can customize the size of this coop based on the size of your flock and your property.
All our chicken coops are made to order, so we ask that our customers be patient and plan ahead. This is a coop for life, so it is definitely worth waiting for.
Please visit our FAQs page to help answer any questions before ordering your chicken coop. Shipping costs on chicken coops vary depending on location and delivery method. Our coops weigh 1,000 lbs. or more and we ship across the U.S. all the time. Most shipping ends up to be around $500, but ranges from $350-$950.
See our shipping map for estimated shipping charges or check out all our shipping and delivery options here.
Turn-key service is available, which includes delivery and assembly, however prices vary depending on location, coop size, and time of year. Please contact us if you are interesting in this service with your coop order. PLEASE NOTE: Turn-key services averages $2/mi to location and $1000+/per day on site.

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Starting at $4,995

Carolina Coop Sizes and Options
As shown: 6' x 18' with board & batten siding plus cupola
Carolina Coops - Standard Carolina chicken coop with predator apron-33
As shown: 6' x 12' standard Carolina Coop

Roofing color options

Carolina-Coops-Carolina chicken coop - red
As shown: 6' x 24' wtih cupola, paint job, chicken run door, and solar
Carolina Coops - carolina chicken coop options
As shown: 6' x 18' with board & batten siding, cupola, paint job and heated water system
Carolina Coops - Carolina Coop in Ithaca NY (3)
As shown: 8' x 24' with board & batten siding, paint job, and cupola
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*Painting for a Carolina Coop is only available with turn-key service and not an option for shipped coops. Please note that it will also increase price by at least $1,000 and extend build time


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We are happy to now offer financing for our chicken coops!

Carolina Coop

Standard features include:

  • Black hardware cloth wire and henhouse screen doors are NOW INCLUDED in these prices!
  • HDPE deep litter bed, 12″ deep to accommodate enough dry material for successful deep litter practices
  • Deep litter door with hidden latches that flips down for easy clean out
  • 1-2 egg hutch(es) with 3 nests each, HDPE lined
  • Silver/gray/Galvalume residential metal roofing
  • Exterior zinc hardware (latches, hinges)
  • Polycarbonate window inserts
  • Lift-off henhouse doors
  • 2-3 roost bars, equal to the width of your coop (i.e. 4×6 henhouse has two 6′ roost bars, suitable for at least 12 hens)
  • Unpainted
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