Chicken Coop Winter Storm Shields

$700 – $1260

Chicken Coop Winter Storm Shields (Polycarbonate run covers) are an effective way to keep out the snow, sleet, and cold winds from your chicken run in the winter, while keeping in the daylight. Chickens can handle the cold temps, but it’s the cold drafts and sleet that can be detrimental to their health.

Our coop winter storm shields (polycarbonate chicken coop run covers) easily screw on and off to your run area. Even though your run is covered, our winter storm shields keep out the harsh winter elements from the sides of your run. This keeps the run area dry and draft-free while still allowing the natural light to come through. If your chicken run is dry, it’s much more enjoyable and healthy for your flock.

Polycarbonate is a durable, strong, light-weight material and holds up longer to extreme temperatures. Although it has high impact-resistance, it has low scratch-resistance and is highly transparent to visible light, with better light transmission than many types of glass. It will not yellow like plexiglass does.

Our coop storm shields are cut to size and predrilled to fit on our runs.
If you want a different size, please contact us. Perfect addition for people in the Northern U.S. and Canada.

$1260.00 fits our 12-foot long standard coops.
$700 for each additional 6 feet of run.

chicken coop winter storm shields
Chickens warm and dry inside an American Coop with winter storm shields

*This product gets shipped on a pallet. If you are ordering a chicken coop and want to add this, please select this option on our Carolina Coop, our American Coop, or our California Coop order form page or call us directly at 919-794-3989. Thank you!

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