We are a custom wood shop, your chicken coop can be as elaborate or as modest as you want or need! We offer a great base model and many options to make your coop as fanciful and high-tech as you need or want!
Carolina Coop size does matter in chicken coops


We believe you can never have enough room for your chickens. Whether you free range all of the time or just some of the time, giving your flock room in the henhouse and run is crucial to their well being.

We offer any size henhouse and run areas according to your needs. Do you need a chicken coop to keep your flock in a run at all times? Do you like to let them free range a bit after work and on weekends just when you’re home? Or do you need a larger henhouse for your flock that free ranges most of the time or you only have room for a small coop and a small flock.

We offer chicken coops in all sizes, big and small and in between. See our gallery of coops of all sizes here.

Carolina Coops roofing color options


We use steel roofing on all our production and custom chicken coops. This roofing uses an armor-shield manufacturing process that incorporates warm roll-forming of pre-painted sheet steel with clear coated edges.

The painted metal roofs are even more energy efficient that plain metal roofing. (yes, even black roofing!) These roofs not only reflect solar energy, but also re-emit most of the solar energy that the coop absorbs.

Read more about our steel roofing and see all the color options here.

Carolina Coop paint and stain options


All of our coops are left unpainted and untreated unless otherwise specified. The beauty of that is you can paint it any color you want, or you can preserve the natural beauty of the wood with a stain or by simply doing an oil treatment.

We recommend all our coops be treated in some fashion to preserve the wood from the elements. You can have your chicken coop match your home or other outbuildings or even go flashy or whimsical! The choice is yours!
(We paint or stain with our turn-key coops only)

Check out our chicken coops in an array of different colors and stains here.

Carolina Coops siding options for chicken coops


We offer different siding options for our custom chicken coops. Board and batten siding is an exterior treatment of vertical boards with battens covering the seams. The technique is our most popular and offers classic look! It comes standard on our Carolina and Craftsman chicken coops.

We also can make clapboard siding, shiplap, cedar shake shingles, or whatever you can dream up. We also can use 100 year old barn wood to side your chicken coop. The only limit is your imagination. These are options for our custom coops only.

See a gallery of chicken coops with different siding options here.

Carolina Coops automatic poultry water system with rain barrel


Our rain catching auto watering set-up is all you need to supply your chicken coop with fresh drinking water for your birds. It comes either with a heated or unheated poultry water system.

This system comes with gutters, install straps, downspout, deluxe 4 port 50-gallon rain barrel and food safe, PVC horizontal nipple watering bar with barrel connecting hoses. Some systems can even use an oak whiskey barrel as a rain barrel. This set up is available with a turnkey service only.
(You can purchase our poultry watering system here.)

Check out some of our rainwater automatic water systems here.

There are so many other options to explore; additional egg hutches, chicken doors for the run or for the henhouse, run extensions, and more. Click each photo for more information.

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