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Bare Naked Ladies: What You Need to Know about Molting Chickens

It’s that time of year when some chickens look like they been in a bad bar fight. That’s right, it’s…
November 20, 2018

There’s Been a Coup in My Coop!

What happens when the balance of power changes in the world of backyard chickens? Usually the pecking order stays consistent…
November 1, 2018

15 Fun Facts about Chickens

Chickens are fascinating creatures and a lot smarter then we give them credit for being. Here are some facts that…
October 23, 2018

My First Year With Chickens

September 26, 2018 marked one year to the day that my husband and I got our six chickens. There was…
October 8, 2018

Hemp is Not Pot —Plus Other Hemp Facts

We love our industrial hemp as bedding for our chicken coops. However, there are many misconceptions about industrial hemp and…
September 5, 2018

Chicken First Aid Kit Check List

Chickens are relatively easy to keep, so long as you provide quality layer feed, fresh water and a clean, dry,…
August 9, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Cool in the Summer

Chickens are not fans of hot temperatures and in fact, extreme heat can be dangerous for them. There are some…
July 10, 2018

Cluckin’ for a Cause! Our First Time on the Tour d’Coop

The yearly event attracts thousands of visitors to check out chicken coops, gardens, and bee hives. The objective of the…
June 18, 2018

Should You Wash Your Eggs? It’s Better Not To

There will probably always be a debate on whether or not to wash the eggs from your backyard chickens. I’m…
May 22, 2018

Tour d’Coop Promotes Backyard Chickens and Urban Farming

The Tour d’Coop started in 2005 in Raleigh, NC as a way for a bunch of neighbors living inside the…
May 14, 2018

The Best Stuff to Put in Your Chicken Run Area

There’s a lot of talk about what to put inside the chicken run area for your chickens. We like to…
May 11, 2018

Top 5 Best Broody Hens

There are many times when having a broody hen is ideal. Maybe you got fertilized eggs from someone and would…
April 26, 2018

Size Does Matter. Give Your Chickens Room and Activities

Does size matter? When it comes to chicken runs, YES! It does. It's important to give your chickens plenty of…
April 12, 2018

My First Egg

Nothing beats the excitement a new backyard chicken keeper experiences they find their first egg from one of their hens.
January 25, 2018

Top Dozen Egg Layers for Backyard Flocks

We compiled a list of the top dozen egg layers (get it? Dozen, eggs?) Interestingly, many of the most popular…
January 5, 2018

Foxes, Owls, and Hawks — Oh My!

What happens when a hawk terrorizes a backyard chicken flock? A beginner chicken keeper realizes that while the chicken coop…
January 4, 2018

Glossary of Terms Every Backyard Chicken Keeper Needs to Know

Whether or not you are new to the world of backyard chickens, there are many terms that are helpful to…
December 4, 2017

Chickens are Little Dinosaurs

New to backyard chicken keeping, I am discovering all things chicken: what do to, what not to do, what are…
November 16, 2017

Carolina Coops Donates Chicken Coop for 3-Year-Old Boy’s Make-A-Wish

Three-year-old Sawyer was diagnosed with leukemia and when asked what he wanted for his wish from Make-A-Wish®, he said he…
November 5, 2017

A Tour of Our Best-Selling Carolina Coop

A detailed tour of one of our best-selling chicken coops, with in-depth descriptions of all the features that make it…
October 30, 2017

Can’t Decide? Compare Our Chicken Coops

Can't decide which of our chicken coops to get? We have detailed the features of each to help you make…
February 2, 2017

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