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Duck Coops

Ducks have different needs from chickens, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be together successfully. You just need the right set up. Ducks don’t roost at night, so our duck coops have duck houses, which is kind of like a dog house. They have ventilation and are backed up with our half-inch black PVC coated hardware cloth.

Ducks need to get their heads wet too. A duck pond is great, but our duck dipper allows your ducks to dip their heads without getting the run wet and muddy. This is especially important when housing ducks and chickens together.

We make our standard American Duck Coop and Carolina Duck Coop and we also build duck houses to fit on the runs with our chicken coops.

You can add a separate duck dipper (so your ducks can get their heads wet) or it can be a part of the duck house.

You can also work with our designers to create the duck coop of your dreams!

If you are interested in ordering a duck coop, adding a duck house to an existing coop, or having a custom duck coop built, please email with your request.

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