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Mark Carolina Coops testimonial

5 star review
I did LOTS of research before purchasing a chicken coop. It was important that I had a quality coop that would last for many, many years. You know what they say about “you get what you pay for”. It’s true. Spend a little more money to get a sound investment. That’s what I did with Carolina Coops.
It took me about 2 weeks to get the coop put together but the instructions were very clear and all of the materials needed were well packaged and clearly labeled. I would recommend Carolina Coop to anyone who wants a coop that’s been well thought out and designed for your flocks every need.
~ Mark Watson, West Jefferson, NC

6x12 American Coop in Pa

5 star review
We had a wonderful time with our coop kit! It arrived days before we were in COVID quarantine, so it was absolutely perfect timing and a great project that kept us busy just when we needed it most!
We can’t think of a single thing to suggest as improvements. Your service was top notch! We were amazed at the packing job of the kit itself, it could not have been better. From there we encountered very few questions, but when we did we made the call and got immediate (and absolutely correct) answers – no “on hold time” either which was really appreciated. Friends who have come to see the chickens have marveled over the coop and we just might have sold one or two for you to friends considering taking the clucking leap.
Anyway, we got our very first egg ever two weeks ago and I love being a Mother Clucker! The coop makes it so easy.
Wishing you continued success – and thank you for making this fun!!
~Gerri and Mike, Lititz, PA

Carolina Coops - Testimonial - Matt Ryan American Coop

5 star review
I went to YouTube a few years ago in hopes of getting ideas to build my own backyard coop. While browsing, I came across Matt’s videos showcasing his coops… Carolina Coops design & size was exactly what I was looking for. After going to a few lumber yards and hardware stores to price materials so I could try to copy the “American Coop”, I realized that Carolina Coops’ prices were close to what the cost of all the material would have cost me if I were to source it all myself! In fact, I think I saved money when you consider how many trips to the hardware store you would have had to make when you either didn’t buy enough of something, or realize you need something half way through that you didn’t think about getting!

Carolina Coops earned my business from watching Matt’s YoutTube videos and seeing how he has dialed in his design to be attractive – yet cost effective AND tailored to the needs of the chickens being their top priority!

You can tell Matt, Gnon, Ingrid, Mackenzie, Evan and the rest of the Carolina Coops team care about their customers as well as the health and safety of our chickens! Their attention to detail and customer service are bar none! THANKS AGAIN!!!
~Matt Ryan, California

Carolina Coops - Testimonial - Sally Woods- American Coop

5 star review
I just wanted to send a note of thanks for this fantastic Carolina Coop. I researched 3 years for a coop that would:
1. Keep my chicks safe from predators
2. Would aesthetically blend on our property
3. Stand the test of time
4. Be low maintenance
Carolina Coops checked all the boxes. I finally made my decision then COVID hit along with delays. It was well worth the wait!
Big shout out to Sean and Adam for their professional install 2 days before Christmas!!
I am very excited for my baby chicks to arrive next week.
Thanks again for a wonderful coop!
~Sally Woods, Hahira, Georgia

8'x18' Carolina Coop in N. Atlanta, Georgia with board and batten siding with Dutch door

5 star review
I am a builder who build $10-$15M houses. Your coop fits my image perfectly and all the thinking that went into your design solves lots of problems I would have had.

I keep chickens and decided I needed a larger and better coop and run. While researching the design I ran into Matt and Carolina Coop online. Initially I was going to copy his ideas in my design and build it myself. The more I looked the more I realized that Carolina Coop builds chicken coops like cabinets. Perfect and refined in detail and features. The more I investigated my conclusion was that, while I could build it for a little less money what I built would not be as good as what Carolina builds.

I ordered an 8’ x 18’ Carolina Coop. With my two superintendents we set out to assemble this monument. We had prepared the foundation in advance, so the sole task was to set up the coop and run. Everything was numbered and the directions were perfect. Clearly, it had been assembled in the shop when built, so everything fit perfectly – like furniture! Took us two days to put it together. My guess is if we did it again, we could do it in a day. Beautiful!

If I ever get another coop, it will be from Carolina Coop. They are the best.
~ Bill Grant – North Atlanta, Ga.

Carolina Coops - Duck Run in Vermont

5 star review
Amazing company. From the first person we spoke with to the installers, everyone was helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. They know their product and have perfected it – considering even the little details like the locks and safety cord to prevent accidental locking of humans in the coop! The owner is obviously very much invested in the company’s product and services – making sure everything was done to his high standards.

We went with a custom run for our ducks – yes DUCKS! We decided to add the coop winter storm shield panels – and I’m so glad we did. We had a cold blast this winter that was unlike any in the past. The roof has held up to our snow and the entire structure didn’t budge a bit with our 50 MPH sustained winds during a storm. The humans and the ducks love it! Thank you Carolina Coops!!!

Crystal R., Vermont

American Coop in Orland, California

5 star review
I have ordered and then assembled many things and your product is absolutely been the best experience of my life from many angles!

It was packaged and protected well, all parts were included and undamaged. You provided ample hardware and your instructions were very good.

The only issue I had in building my coop was a result of me not reading them correctly.

Everything fit together as it should have and I could not have been more pleased! It was fun to build and it is everything I expected!

Thank you for being in business and building and providing a great product!

~Chris- Orland, California

Jeff Kong American Coop in CT

5 star review
My family had been discussing raising backyard chickens for a few years now and we finally decided to give it a go this past spring. Knowing little about it, we turned to online sources for what information we could gather, including buying a coop. After starting with another manufacturer’s “high-quality” coop that overpromised on capacity, I eventually ran across Carolina Coops and found their YouTube videos and the information they provided to be invaluable. I was impressed by the quality (and size!) of their coops and realized that you get what you pay for – a coop from Carolina Coops is about as deluxe as you can get! It may have cost 3-4 times as much as the other coop I started with, but it’s easily 20 times better.

Assembling the coop was fun and educational as well (it felt like building a barn), and it helped me understand how incredibly sturdy a structure it is. I have no doubt that my chickens are quite happy and safe. Also, Carolina Coops’ customer service and chat support are top notch, with friendly advisors who are very helpful and who have always provided me with sound advice!

I’d highly recommend a coop from Carolina Coops if you want a lovely home for your chickens that will last for many, many years and that will help keep them healthy and happy!

~Jeff Kong, Connecticut

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