Homestead Coop

A blend of our original Carolina Coop and popular Craftsman Coop. We have made this henhouse/shed combo coop with ample run size available for shipping and assembly by you!

We are excited to announce we will be upgrading to Acre™, a more sustainable alternate to wood! ACRE offers the convenience of composites with the warmth and workability of wood.

The henhouse/storage area is 6’x8′. That means a 4’x6′ henhouse (our standard size) and 4’x6′ area for storage.

The standard run is 6’x12′. You can order a larger run size (6-foot run extensions)

Starts at $13,595

Homestead Coop Calculator

Homestead Coop Calculator

Homestead Coop Size

Coop Options & Add-Ons

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Please note: The predator apron is only included with turnkey services. You can find out how to attach your own predator apron here.

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Homestead Coop in Paulden, AZ
front of Homestead Coop with external feed hopper in Paulden, AZ
Back of Homestead Coop in Paulden, AZ
Inside the run of Homestead Coop
back of homestead coop
back of homestead coop
front of homestead coop
back door of shed-henhouse of homestead coop

*Painting for the Homestead Coop is only available with turn-key service and not an option for shipped coops. Please note that it will also increase price by at least $1,400 and extend build time for painting and attaching the hardware cloth.

Turn-key service is available, which includes delivery and assembly, however prices vary depending on location, coop size, and time of year. Please contact us if you are interesting in this service with your coop order. PLEASE NOTE: Turn-key services averages $3/mi to location and $1500+/per day on site.