After more than a decade of building chicken coops, see all the thoughtful design features that make our coops stand out from all the rest.
inclusive henhouse and run features

Our henhouse and walk-in runs have many key features that make for a healthy & happy environment for your chickens. Six foot walls mean no bending over in the run, plus a human access door, sturdy Douglas fir roost bars, chicken ladder, and much more….

Carolina Coops deep litter beds in henhouse

All our coops have our signature deep litter beds, so that means no cleaning your henhouse for at least a year or longer. We recommend our hemp bedding for the deep litter method to start composting in your henhouse. Read more the deep litter method …

black PVC coated welded wire on all our coops

We use only black PVC coated half-inch hardware cloth on our coops. This is extremely strong, lasts forever, and makes for an invisible screen so you can enjoy looking at your flock. Read more …

Carolina Coops predator proof coops

Everyone has predators, that’s why all our chicken coops are predator proof. We take coop security and the safety of your flock very seriously and have never had a predator get into one of our coops! Read more …

polycarbonate windows on Carolina Coops

Our coops have polycarbonate windows, backed up by the black PVC coated hardware cloth. Polycarbonate is stronger than glass and won’t yellow or peel like plexiglass. The windows easily open for added ventilation or close to keep out cold temps and sleet. Find out more …

Acre lined henhouse and egg hutch

INTRODUCING ACRE™.  We now use Acre™ in our henhouses & egg hutches to keep out moisture. When it finally comes time to clean your henhouse, Acre makes it a cinch! Read more about Acre™ …

Carolina Coops - Accessibility

Our coops are accessible for all! We raise the henhouse to give chickens more room in the run, but it also makes the egg hutch at a perfect height for kids to grab the eggs.

drop down henhouse gate for easy clean out

The henhouse has a drop down gate at wheel barrow height to make clean out super easy, when the time finally comes around. We recommend our hemp bedding in the deep litter bed for our ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ method. Work smarter, not harder!


Ventilation and plenty of it. Our coops have lots of cubic feet in the henhouse, with multiple windows, backed up by our black half-inch PVC coated hardware cloth and a roofline ridge cap. Almost all our coops have henhouse doors that cantilever up for additional ventilation.

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