American Coop

The American Coop is based on the same design as the Carolina chicken coop, but without the bigger investment. It’s the best chicken coop for the best price! We recommend the maximum flock size for an American Coop is up to 16 chickens with free ranging.

American Coops comes with HDPE in the henhouse and egg hutchPlease note: The American Coop now comes standard with the Carolina Coop roofing, HDPE in the henhouse and egg hutch and cantilever henhouse doors!

All our chicken coops are made to order, so we ask that our customers be patient and plan ahead. This is a coop for life, so it is definitely worth waiting for.
Please visit our FAQs page to help answer any questions before ordering your chicken coop. Shipping costs on chicken coops vary depending on location and delivery method. Our coops weigh 1,000 lbs. or more and we ship across the U.S. all the time. Most shipping ends up to be around $500, but ranges from $350-$950.
See our shipping map for estimated shipping charges or check out all our shipping and delivery options here.
Turn-key service is available, which includes delivery and assembly, however prices vary depending on location, coop size, and time of year. Please contact us if you are interesting in this service with your coop order.

If you are interested in ordering an American Coop, please fill out the inquiry form below and we will get back to you with a shipping estimate.
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Starting at $2,850

American Coop Options
Carolina Coops - American Coop -black hardware black roof 6-foot run extension
Price as shown: $4,710
Carolina Coops - American Coop -black hardware with chicken run door
Price as shown: $3,945
Carolina Coops - American Coop with 3 foot run add on
Price as shown: $3,740

Roofing color options

Standard American Coop in Arkport, NY
Price as shown: $2,850
Carolina Coops -blog- American Coop and pergola set up for chickens
Price as shown: $4,015
Carolina Coops -American coop-black roof (1)
Price as shown: $4,710
American Coop in Graham, NC


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American Coop

Standard features include:

  • 6’x12′ footprint, 7 1/2′ tall with 4×6 henhouse elevated and inset in 6×12 run — This size coop will fit up to 12 hens comfortably
  • Standard features include: deep litter bed, deep litter flip-down clean-out door, one egg hutch with 3 nests suitable for 12 hens, two 6′ roost bars suitable for 12-15 chickens, henhouse screen doors, lift-off henhouse doors, 1/2 inch black vinyl coated hardware cloth wire, Carolina Coop style roofing in silver/gray/Galvalume metal, and exterior zinc hardware (latches, hinges)
  • Photos shown include upgrades: extra egg hutch, special order roofing color, black hardware, and paint
  • Differences between Carolina Coop and American Coop: The American coop does not include the HDPE lining in the deep litter bed and egg hutch, the 2x4s are not planed so the eased edge remains, some trim is eliminated by using the framing as the trim (2 layers), rather than the 3 layers on the Carolina Coop – frame, henhouse wall, then trim.
  • Similarities: We use the same high quality materials, they both have the same style roofing, it’s the same size, includes the upgraded wire and lift-off henhouse screen doors
  • Shipped to you on a 4×6 pallet in panels with the wire and henhouse panels unattached to make painting or staining easier for the customer
We were just blown away by how amazing our custom-made chicken coop is! It is crafted with so much thought for chicken owners. Not only is it made with such quality and craftsmanship, but every detail reveals great thought and design. Every part of our chicken coop is made from the most high-quality materials too. I can’t say enough about how impressed we are with our American Coop.
Ingrid — Raleigh, NC

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