California Coop

You asked, we delivered. Our California Coop (Cali Coop) is the answer for people who don’t have the room for our standard size walk-in chicken coops.

California Coop comes with HDPE in henhouse and egg hutch
photo courtesy of @zeroclucksgiven

In our continual quest to build the best coop for the best price and after numerous requests for a smaller coop for people with small yards, (mostly from customers in California) we created the Cali Coop. It has all the high-quality and function of any Carolina Coop in a compact size for smaller yards and flocks! Think of it as a tiny house for chickens.

With a 4′ x 9′ overall footprint, the California Coop is perfect for small flocks of about 4 or 5 full-sized hens or more if you have bantams.

We are offering this chicken coop in panelized form with all the hardware cloth, hardware, and lumber needed for assembly; all cut to size and pre-drilled with most of the assembly work already done!

PLEASE NOTE: The California Coop now comes standard with HDPE in the henhouse and egg hutch.

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Starting at $1,750

California Coop and Options
Carolina Coops - California Coop installed for a small flock of four in California
California Coop for a flock of four in California
Photo courtesy of @zeroclucksgiven
Photo courtesy of @zeroclucksgiven
Carolina Coops - California Coop outside the shop in Upstate NY
Photo courtesy of @modfarmhaus
Photo courtesy of @modfarmhaus


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Cali Coop

Standard Features include:

    • 3′ x 4′ henhouse
    • 4′ x 9′ run and overall footprint
    • 7 feet tall to roof peak
    • One 4′ roost bar
    • One 2-gang egg hutch (2 nest boxes) with perch bar
    • Galvalume roofing and exterior zinc hardware (latches, hinges)
    • Three large cantilever style windows with polycarbonate covers
    • 12″ deep litter bed in henhouse
    • deep litter flip-down clean-out door
    • Douglas fir lumber
    • Pressure-treated lumber base
    • Gabled roof
    • .5″ x .5″ black PVC coated hardware cloth on the run and windows
    • All doors are lockable

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