Roofing Colors

We use steel roofing on all our production and custom chicken coops. The roofing is available in the following colors: Black, Galvalume, Charcoal, Pewter, Gray, Alamo, Brilliant, Brown, Tan, Taupe, Desert, Light Stone, Ivory, Ocean, Gallery Blue, Burgundy, Rustic Red, Crimson, Colony Green, Hunter Green, Forest Green, and Copper Metallic.

Panel-Loc Plus™ gives residential, agricultural, and light commercial projects the protection of steel, with an attractive appearance. It features an extra striation on top of the rib to give it superior durability and protection against leaking.

    √ Engineered with a Siphon Groove to minimize leaks.
    √ Wide fastening surface for easy application.
    √ Unique lap groove hides the overlap, giving a smooth, clean appearance.

Because metal has a low thermal mass, heat is not absorbed into the roofing material and then transmitted into the coop. In fact, the Florida Solar Energy Center states that metal roofing absorbs about 34 percent less heat than asphalt shingles.

The painted metal roofs are even more energy efficient that plain metal roofing. (yes, even black roofing!) These roofs not only reflect solar energy, but also re-emit most of the solar energy that the coop absorbs.

central states roofing colors

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