We use steel roofing on our production coops and custom chicken coops that comes in a variety of colors.
This roofing uses an armor-shield manufacturing process that incorporates warm roll-forming of pre-painted sheet steel with clear coated edges. In a recent study, U.S. Steel has demonstrated that warm roll-forming not only improves the formability of the paint film, but also improves the formability of the underlying metal coating. In fact, it is believed that tension-bend cracking on the pre-painted GALVALUME sheet could be virtually eliminated by using flexible paint systems and warm roll-forming practices.

Roofing Colors

We use steel roofing on all our production and custom chicken coops. The roofing is available in the following colors: polar white, light stone, Sahara tan, clay, burnished slate, cocoa brown, ash gray, charcoal, Hawaiian blue, gallery blue, forest green, stealth black, bright red, rustic red, burgundy, copper metallic, galvalume and rustic vintage.

We now offer a rustic, vintage metal roof with 7/8″ deep corrugation to add visual interest to your roof.

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