Inclusive Henhouse Features for Standard Carolina and American Coops

  • 4 foot X 6 foot henhouse
  • 4 foot X 6 foot X 12 inch deep HDPE deep litter bed
  • 1 – small interior chicken ladder
  • 1 – 3 gang HDPE egg hutch with locking exterior door and interior perch
  • 2 – 6 foot roosting bars
  • Perch bars in front of each nest box
  • 3-4 – predator proof polycarbonate windows backed up by hardware cloth
  • 1 – large chicken ladder (from henhouse to run)
  • Exterior grade hinges and locking latches on all doors
  • 6 inch X 6 inch pressure treated legs with support base (Standard only with purchase of our Penthouse Coops, which is just the henhouse, no run)

Inclusive Run Features for Standard Carolina & American Coops

  • 6 foot X 12 foot X 7.5 foot run with roof
  • Treated lumber used on all that has ground contact
  • Steel Roofing with manufacturer LIFETIME WARRANTY!!- Black or Galvalume standard
  • Extreme weather hinges and locking latches on all doors
  • 1/2 inch black PVC coated 19 gauge hot-dipped galvanized wound hardware cloth (welded wire)
  • Appropriate coated hardware for use on treated lumber to ensure there is no corrosion, deterioration, and failure of the hardware
  • Human access door with locking latch and release cable to ensure you don’t get locked in the run

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