Black Hardware Cloth (welded wire)

Black 19-gauge PVC coated .5 by .5 inch hardware cloth, also called welded wire, is standard on all our chicken coops.

We use these black PVC coated products exclusively because of the durability and added protection it provides to the galvanized product it covers. Over time, exposed galvanized product will rust and deteriorate. The PVC coating on our product will protect the actual metal making it last longer, adding years to your coop!

The black coating makes the wire “invisible” from a distance with no glare of traditional steel fencing. We recommend that all of our installed wire be pneumatically fastened with our 18 gauge, 1 ¼” long with a ¼” crown staple for longevity of your wire and coop and safety of your chickens. The staples are a free option at the time of ordering.

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