Chicken Doors

Automatic or manual, we can custom cut/fit a door to your chicken coop and install it or ship it to you. These doors give you the option to have your flock safe in the run or henhouse when needed and able to free range without leaving the large door open.

This is most common on our chicken coops without runs, such as the Penthouse Coop. The doors can be closed and locked at night after your flock has gone into roost, then re-opened in the morning to roam.

*We also offer automatic chicken doors that can be set to certain times.

With our chicken coops with runs and a predator apron, there is no need for a henhouse door. However, we find some people want it for added protection from the winter winds, or just for an added peace of mind against predators.

Carolina Coops-chicken coop run door
Carolina Coops-CHICKEN-DOOR-henhouse
Carolina Coops-secure chicken coop door
Carolina Coops-run-door

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