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Growing Forward Podcast with Matt Duboise of Carolina Coops

Growing Foward Podcast: Matt Duboise, Episode 1

Matt Duboise of Carolina Coops talks with host Bethany Latham about entrepreneurship, focus, positivity in the face of challenges and how to build a multi-million dollar business.

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WHEC: News 10: Small Business Spotlight: Carolina Coops

CLIFTON SPRINGS, N.Y. (WHEC) —Some people were born to be entrepreneurs. Matt DuBoise is one of them. In less than a decade, he’s built Carolina Coops into a million-dollar business.

“I can’t believe three years ago we did a million,” DuBoise said. “A year after that I think we did 1.7 [million] in gross sales, and then this year we are on track to break two million.”

To say DuBoise started his business from nothing is not hyperbole. He was working as an exterminator in North Carolina and decided to raise chickens. He needed a coop and built one for himself from scrap wood he collected out of a dumpster. After it was finished, he decided to see if he could sell it.
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Messenger Post Media article on Carolina Coops

Clifton Springs resident develops $1M chicken coop enterprise
Over a decade, a Clifton Springs resident has built his chicken coop business into a million-dollar operation.

Matt DuBoise’s love of chickens began in fifth grade when his teacher let a handful of students each take six chicks they had hatched home and care for them before bringing them back to class.

DuBoise, who was one of the students chosen, was the only one who returned to school with all six chicks healthy and thriving.
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Carolina Coops Donates Chicken Coop for 3-Year-Old Boy’s Make-A-Wish
Young Sawyer loves chickens. The 3-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia and when asked what he wanted for his wish from Make-A-Wish®, he said he wanted a chicken coop. Carolina Coops sent him an American Coop to help make his wish come true.

Carolina Coops donates its new California Coop to an Instagram Give-a-Way for Coop Crate. In this Coop Crate podcast, Carolina Coops’ Founder and President Matt Duboise is interviewed along with others who contributed products to the contest.

“A recent ad in a magazine for an elaborate chicken coop caught our eye so we chased down the man who built the big 10 by 30 foot structure.”

Farm Show Magazine interviews Matt DuBoise about Carolina Coops.

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