Buying a chicken coop: the process


We are a family owned business with customer service being our top priority! Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have been experiencing an overwhelming increase to the number of emails and calls we receive. As we try to catch our breath, we greatly appreciate your patience. We hope the following might answer some of your commonly asked questions in the meantime.

How do I order a chicken coop?

Due to the sheer volume of requests, the best way to order any of our chicken coops is to email us at If you don’t hear back right away, please be patient, we will get back to you. We want to help!

You can use our COOP CALCULATOR for our American Coop, California Coop, and most Carolina Coops to figure out prices and options without shipping.

The total is cost without shipping or turn-key delivery and assembly options.

How do I know what size coop I need?

There are two important factors to consider when determining how many chickens should be in a chicken coop. The henhouse and the run area. (we refer to both these areas as the coop)

what size coop do I need for my flock- graphic

We make this recommendation for the health and well-being of your flock.

What is the approximate wait time to receive my coop?

Our current lead time is about 4 -6 weeks for standard American and California chicken coops to be shipped out.  We do have an expedited build schedule, available by request and subject to availability and up-charge.

For Carolina Coops, Craftsman Coops, and custom coops, the lead time is approximately 3-4 months.

For Turnkey installations,  please call our sales team for an accurate lead time at 919-794-3989 


Does my coop come with a predator apron?

Only turnkey and custom coops come with a predator apron. We do have a handy video and all the information you need to attach a predator apron to your coop here.

Will you ship to me? Where can I find information about Shipping and Freight?

Yes, we ship any place in the world where freight can be received.

Visit the shipping page on our website for a comprehensive overview.

Will my coop be delivered to my backyard?

No, the freight will be dropped curbside. You must be able to accept a large freight truck delivery on your street. (We’re not talking UPS or Amazon, but a huge truck)
This means the truck will have to be able to turnaround on your block, that there is no truck restrictions, and no obstructions that would prohibit a truck from delivering your coop. Please contact your local highway department to see if your residence can accept deliveries of this size.
It is your responsibility to ensure the delivery can be made curbside.

What other options are there to pick up my chicken coop?

You can always pick up your coop in our shop. Currently we are building most coops in our Clifton Springs, NY shop. However, we are starting to build in our Creedmoor, NC shop too. We will update this as necessary.

You can also opt for terminal pickup, which is less expensive then shipping to residence. You will be given an idea of where the terminal is when you place your order with our sales team.

For both options, you must have a truck or trailer with at least a 6-foot bed and be able to haul 1,000+ lbs. load.

How do I order a custom coop or custom options not shown on the website?

You can email us at and detail what you are looking for. Just let us know if you want a custom coop built or if you’re just looking for options that you don’t see available for the coop you want. If you want a duck coop, rabbit coop, or a goat house, we can do that too!

What do I need to do to prepare for my coop?

The most important preparation for your new chicken coop is making sure the ground is level where you plan to place it. If it isn’t level, the doors won’t close properly and you can run into problems with assembly.

It’s not necessary to build a base for your coop as the bottom lumber is pressure treated. However, it’s not a bad idea to do so, especially if you need to make the ground area level to build a base.

You also need to ensure there is proper drainage and the chicken coop won’t be placed in a low lying area. You don’t want to have a flooding issue with your chicken coop.

Also, check for tree clearance and any other objects that may be in the way of where you are placing your coop. This is especially true for turn-key or roll off delivery services.

Another thing to consider when you are figuring out where to place your chicken coop is to take into account the egg hutch when measuring, which makes the overall width 16.5 inches wider*. (*for a coop with a single egg hutch, egg hutches on both sides it will be 33 inches wider)

Lastly, please check on any town, city, or county ordinances where you live when it comes to your new chicken coop. Some places have restrictions on how many chickens you can have (which may play into which coop you get or need), some have set back requirements from either the house, the street, or both, and some places require permits for chicken coops.

Here is site preparation info.

Do you build coops in my state?

We deliver turnkey coops and build coops in every state in the U.S. and parts of Canada. We are proud to say we have coops in every state of the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
We ship our coops worldwide and even have coops in Sweden and the Cayman Islands, for example.

Do you share building plans for your coops?

No, at this time we do not offer DIY plans for our coops. But as our owner Matt always says, “if you’re not going to buy one of our coops, learn from us!” We carry an array of accessories that may aid in your coop build. Those can be purchased from our website.

When will your out-of-stock products be available for purchase?

Things are not business as usual right now. Many of our suppliers are having issues, so it makes it difficult to know exactly when something will become available.

We do have the option to be notified when an out-of-stock item is back in stock. You can choose that on the individual product page.

I'm ready to order my coop right now. What should I do next?

Email us! Email  and put the coop you want in the subject line, such as: American Coop Order. Please be patient as we have a lot of inquires.
You can also call us, but we get so many calls each day, we may not be able to answer.  We can be reached M-F from 9am-5pm EST at (919) 794-3989.

Can I put together the chicken coop myself?

Our chicken coops are shipped out in panels and everything is labeled. You are given all the screws and hardware you will need to assemble it. The pocket screw holes will already be there on the walls.

The instructions will be emailed to you in a downloadable PDF. You will need two people when placing the walls. The time it will take depends on your skills. For most DIYers it takes a weekend to build and a weekend to paint.

We recommend painting or staining it after the build, because all the parts of the coop are labeled for assembly. (for staining and painting, simply sand any labeling off the wood)

How do I protect the wood on my chicken coop?

You can paint your coop, (if you do so before assembly, make sure you can still see the labels on the parts), we suggest a good exterior paint. We use Sherwin Williams Marshmallow for our white coops, for example.

You can also stain it with wood stain. Or if you want to keep it natural, we suggest linseed oil. Double boiled or polymerized linseed oil is a great option to protect your coop. It beautifies any wood, and once cured, it protects the wood from sun and water damage. This also dries significantly quicker than straight linseed oil, plus oil processed this way makes it safe as a food contact surface.

What if I run into a problem or have questions assembling my coop?

We try to always be available for our customers. You can either call us at 919-794-3989, or email us, or use the chat box on our website. If we don’t answer right away, someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have a question related to service, please email

This didn't answer my questions. Can I talk to someone?

Yes! Please call us M-F from 9am-5pm EST at (919) 794-3989. We’d be happy to answer your questions over the phone. We tried to anticipate answers to questions of all kinds on our FAQ page, and recommend you start there. It’s usually the quickest way to find what you’re looking for!

We’re excited to work with you—until then, wishing you and your families the best!

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