Polycarbonate Windows

For harsher climates, the occasional cold snap or crazy sideways rain, we use polycarbonate windows on our chicken coops to cover our handmade, screened, free flow windows.

Each coop style has cantilevered windows that tilt up. The windows can be left open in three separate positions with dowels, giving the henhouse plenty of ventilation.

Our Carolina Coop and Craftsman Coop have traditional looking muntins on the windows. Muntin refers to the vertical dividers that separate glass panes in a window. With our Carolina Coops, the muntins are overlaid on the polycarbonate giving it a traditional window pane look.

On our American and California Coops, the windows tilt up and have the look of a single pane of glass.

We use polycarbonate for our windows because it’s 250 times more resistant to impact than safety glass and it won’t yellow like plexiglas and is UV resistant.

Carolina Coops Craftsman Coop in Michigan
Craftsman Coop in Michigan with tilt up windows.
back of a 6'x12' American Coop in North Carolina with extra egg hutch
Back of an American Coop with cantilevered windows
California Coop painted to match the house with a Dutch door and rain barrel waterbar system in Ohio
4' x 9' California Coop with cantilevered (tilt up) windows

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