Carolina Coops - find out all the amazing features of our walk-in chicken coops that makes us different than all the rest

We design and build each and every coop in our shop with our own crew. We never contract out our coop building. That way, we can always ensure the best quality goes into each and every coop, from our small California Coop to our biggest custom chicken coop.

We know there are other less expensive coop options and companies out there, but we truly feel that we are giving our customers a great value for a chicken coop that will last a lifetime.

As woodworkers and animal lovers, we strive to make the best coops out there that makes it easy to keep chickens happy and healthy.

Here are features that make our coops stand out against all the rest.

Carolina Coops large walk in covered runs


Covered runs are so important because it keeps your run shaded and dry, making a healthy environment for your flock.

Our runs all have a human access door that can be positioned on either side or on the front of the coop. Or you can have two doors!

The trusses make it easy to hang feeders, cabbage, poultry waterer, or anything else you want.

No more ducking your heads or stooping down in your run, as our walk-in coops are about 7 and a half feet or higher at the peak.

With a covered run, you don’t have to clean your run out. Just add more leaves, food scraps, grass clippings, straw, or other organic material to make it like a forest floor for your chickens.

Carolina Coops henhouse features


Our henhouses are raised to make it easier for you to do whatever you need in the henhouse.

Tons of ventilation. The cubic feet, height, windows with lift up henhouse doors give so much ventilation, making a healthy environment for your flock.

Food-safe high-density polyethelene (HDPE) line all our henhouses.

Tilt up polycarbonate windows are 400 times stronger than glass & protect your flock from the wind, rain, and frigid temps.

Our Douglas fir roost bars are designed to best fit your roosting flock, allowing for air flow, thus preventing bumble foot. These roost bars can also come with manila rope covering by request.

Carolina Coops signature deep litter beds


Our signature deep litter beds mean no cleaning for at least a year or longer, a “set it and forget it” feature!

Lined with food-safe high-density polyethelene (HDPE), making clean-out easy with no waterproof treatment necessary.

Deep litter method encourages the growth of beneficial microbes, another health benefit for your flock.

Drop down henhouse gate that makes cleaning out the henhouse, (when you finally do), so much easier.

Perfect height to sweep out industrial hemp or pine shavings into a wheel barrow.

We recommend using our industrial hemp in your henhouse for its value and many health benefits.

Carolina Coops egg hutch


Drop down egg hutch doors, so your hens don’t get startled if you check for eggs when they are in there.

Water tight against leaks.

Food-safe HDPE lining in the egg hutches.

Removable dividers in the egg hutch. For a broody or a Brahma or if you want to give your girls more room, our egg hutch dividers easily come out.

Perfect height so your kids can check for eggs!

Most coops come with one egg hutch, but you can order an extra or add on years later as you grow your flock.

Carolina Coops - predator proof chicken coops


Black PVC coated .5 inch, 19-gauge hardware cloth ensures predators cannot rip into your coop or pull chickens out.

Zinc coated hinges and gate latches to easily use carabiners or locks to keep even the craftiest raccoon out of your coop.

Strong construction with Douglas fir and pocket screws means not only with your coop last a lifetime, it makes it impossible for predators to break in.

Predator apron around our coops (free with coop installation) prevents digging predators from gaining entry into the run. (Check out our DIY video to install your own!)

Carolina Coops - quality construction with all our chicken coops


We use only quality Douglas fir lumber, handpicked by us and premium building materials. No cheap short cuts, we build to last!

Black PVC coated .5 inch hardware cloth adds durability and protection to the galvanized product it covers.

Our walk-in chicken coops are stick-framed just like a house with 2X4 and 2X6 lumber. Custom coops can even have mortise and tenon joinery.

Our hardware is either zinc, coated, or stainless steel to last in any outdoor environment.

Our joints are pocket screwed and glued, NOT just shot in with nails.

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