Rain Catching System

Custom-made rain barrel system for chicken coops. It’s a simple way to capture rain from the roof of your chicken coop and store it in a rain barrel. From there, the water is directed through a food-safe hose into a food-safe PVC pipe. In the PVC pipe are horizontal water nipples that chickens can drink from.

Advantages of a rain barrel system for your chicken coop:

  • You rarely run out of water for your chickens, if you do, you can just fill the barrel manually.
  • The water is free!
  • The water stays clean because the chickens cannot defecate into the water.
  • The use of water nipples help keep your chickens from getting bored.

We can custom design the right rain catchment system for your chicken coop and your needs. We have oak whiskey barrels or food safe plastic rain barrels to choose from.

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