These people love what they do and it really shows

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I am not a person to give a ton of reviews but in this particular situation, one is warranted. We are so happy with how beautiful and how well made our coop is. The coop is so beautiful that people have come to our house to take pictures in front of the coop for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

I ordered the 6-foot by 24-foot American Coop in August of 2020 and after they built it and brought it down they installed it in late December of 2020 finishing the project on New Year’s Eve. What an amazing experience this has been from the initial sale where I knew nothing about coops to getting information in between to prepare my site to the installers that came to install my coop to seeing the end result. It is hot, humid and there is a lot of rain here in Florida and 8 months later, not a single thing has deteriorated, warped, come loose, broken, or even appeared aged. The quality of these coops is unparalleled. Its so strong you can walk on the roof. We had started with a small coop we ordered online from tractor supply and you can totally see the difference. That other coop is completely falling apart. You can tell this coop will be around for a long time. My chickens are so happy in this coop that if for some reason I can’t let them out to free-range on a particular day they are perfectly happy.

The industrial hemp bedding inside the coop is amazing. There is absolutely no smell and it does not need to be changed for a year or more.

Everyone that works at Carolina Coops is so friendly, knowledgeable, patient, has great customer service skills, and are really helpful. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a coop. It’s worth every dollar to work with them. I am trying to figure out what I can add to my coop because my experience was excellent and I want to work with them again. As someone else said these people love what they do and it really shows.


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